Dark Horse - Straight From the Horse's Mouth

Everyone loves a dark horse. The underdog. The little guy who beats the odds. Dark Horse is that unexpected winner in the wine category. And who better to help spread the word than the head of the Dark Horse company? Like our customers, Dark Horse craves adventure and is not afraid to discover the unexpected. At the same time, he is knowledgeable and always looking for ways to educate consumers about the bold flavor of Dark Horse wine. What better way to spread the word about Dark Horse wine than straight from the horse’s mouth?

Retail Display: 
Using a motion detector, a life-size model of Dark Horse would talk to customers as they walk by. Customers would be able to take their photo and then post it. #ToastDarkHorse
Wine Cases and Wine Case Cards: An embedded digital display features user-generated #ToastDarkHorse Instagram images on the wine card.
Bottle Necker: Used to grab consumers’ attention and promote the Dark Horse adventure giveaway. The winner would choose from one of four exciting trips: the Kentucky Derby, the Final Four, the Oscars or the Olympics. 
Social Engagement: Facebook Dark Horse Post and Facebook Fan Post
Horsing Around - YouTube Channel

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